JOG BJJ Head Instructor Jorge Oliveira illustrates his favorite technique -- a Kimura. The move is named after the famous Masahiko Kimura who defeated Helio Gracie.


A vicious move if left unchecked. Jorge raises his hips upward, applying pressure until his opponent taps or has his arm breaks.


Jorge's ground game is tremendous because of his ability to control his opponents. With wrist control, Jorge is able to easily sweep into a full mount.

Side Control

Jorge Oliveira makes calculated moves in order to always be a step ahead. As he grabs onto the gi pants and lapel, he applies pressure with his shoulder so his opponent is unable to defend or shrimp.

Jorge “Van Damme” Oliveira is a Black Belt from old school Gracie Barra. A complete fighter who is tough standing, and very technical on the ground.

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